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About Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is located in the south of Hebei province, China.Since 1986, our hospital has been committed to delivering standard-setting medical care. Throughout the past decades, the hospital has had a consistent commitment to providing the latest treatments and considerate service for kidney patients throughout the world.

As one of the largest kidney disease specialized hospital in China, our hospital continues its tradition of excellence today. Our hospital covers an area of 48,000 acres and the building area is 46,000 m2. With capacity of admitting more than 1,000 patients, we offer high-quality care and service to patients from all over the world.

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital has long been a leader in successfully putting forward advanced theories in treating kidney diseases including Hot Compress Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy, Renal Fibrosis Theory, Five Renal Inherent Cells Theories, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Medicated Bath etc. These discoveries and breakthroughs in clinical researches translate into new and better treatments that transform medicine practice and patient care.

  • Doctor of Medicine Yu, Junqing

    Male, MD, was born in December, 1933. He has twice been to Zaire for foreign medical aid work and his team was named as the advanced collective. He is also the chief editor or co-author of many books such as Diagnosis and Treatments Points for Common Blood Diseases as well as many medical theses.

  • Nephrologist Zhang, Pingan

    She is a famous nephrologist in China. Devoted herself in studies and researches of treatments for various kidney diseases for nearly 50 years, she has published more than 30 papers and she has accumulated rich experience on diagnosing and treating various refractory kidney diseases.

  • Kidney Disease and Cardiovascular Expert---Shan, Hongyin

    Professor Shan, Hongyin has devoted more than 40 years to clinical and scientific researches and teaching of cardiovascular and kidney diseases. He is highly honored and respected in his field.

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