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Does Acupuncture Prevent Dialysis

2013-02-19 17:13

Acupuncture has been applied in clinic to treat renal disease patients on dialysis and it has been proved to be very effective at relieving pains and discomforts, reducing the duration of each dialysis, protecting kidney functions and slowing down illness progression so as to help strive more time for patients for the kidney transplant because many patients have to wait for years to have a matching kidney donor.

Acupuncture is to insert one or several fine needles into certain acupoints according to the patients’ specific illness conditions. The basic function of acupuncture is to regulate the functions of viscera and dredge meridians so as to promote blood circulation and treat diseases.

Acupuncture has a lot of benefits to kidney disease patients especially those that are suffering from chronic kidney disease. It can help relieve pain, mental stress, improve sleep quality, regulate renal disorder and enhance immunity. After a period of acupuncture, usually after 2-6 months, the length of dialysis session can be reduced from 3 hours to 2 hours and the frequency of dialysis will be gradually reduced. What is more, we all know that long term dialysis will cause a series of side effects and complications such as low blood pressure, muscle cramp, anemia, etc which can be alleviated after acupuncture.

For those that have not begun dialysis, acupuncture can delay the start of dialysis. For those that are on dialysis, acupuncture can alleviate side effects of dialysis and reduce the duration and frequency of dialysis.

But I need to say that dialysis can not be replaced or totally avoided though it has many benefits to the patients. To avoid dialysis, acupuncture itself is not enough and it is better to be used as an auxiliary therapy. It should be combined with other eastern therapies and Chinese therapies such as Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, medicated bath therapy, immunotherapy which can help repair damaged renal tissues and improve kidney functions so as to help prevent dialysis from the root.

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