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Scientific Diet for Chronic Kidney Failure

Scientific Diet for Chronic Kidney Failure

A scientific diet helps to slow down the progression of Chronic Kidney Failure, so having a well-planed diet is very essential. Exact food lists for Chronic Kidney Failure patients varies from case to case, as it bases on their illness condition. More......



A Healthy Diet Can Help Lower High Creatinine Level

Alternative Treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure

Creatinine level is an important indicator that shows how our kidney is working. Most often, serum creatine level won’t be higher than the normal unless more than 50% of kidney function has lost. At this situation, a healthy diet can help lower high creatinine level and keep patients’ condition from worsening to some extent. The following is an overview of diet changes for people with high creatinine level.

◆ Low sodium intake. As we know high blood pressure is one big risk of further kidney damage. Excessive sodium intake is able to raise people’s blood pressure and in some cases it can also aggravate patients’ swelling.More...

What Do High Creatinine Levels Mean

The Most Common Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure

High creatinine means that the concentration of creatinine in the blood is higher than the normal range and this condition lasts for quite long time. The normal creatinine for men is 0.7-1.2 and it is 0.5-1.0 for women.

Creatinine in the blood mainly comes from metabolism of muscles and meat products we eat. That is why men have higher creatinine then women because they usually have more muscle masses. When creatinine is produced, it will be released into the blood. When blood flows into the kidneys, creatinine, uric acid, urea and other wastes in the blood will be excreted outside through urination and the blood is purified.More...

How to Lower High Creatinine Level with Kidney Failure

Creatinine level plays an important part for kidney failure patients to make the decision whether dialysis is required or not, so finding an effective way to lower high creatinine level means a lot for kidney failure patients. Well then, how to lower high creatinine level with kidney failure?

Reference value of creatinine level differs from hospital to hospital and country to country, but generally it is in the range 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Creatinine is one of the wastes produced by our body and normally discharged by our kidneys. For people with kidney failure, creatinine level increases because of decreased kidney function. Therefore, repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney condition is the key point to lower high creatinine level. More.......

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