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What Do High Creatinine Levels Mean

High creatinine means that the concentration of creatinine in the blood is higher than the normal range and this condition lasts for quite long time. The normal creatinine for men is 0.7-1.2 and it is 0.5-1.0 for women.

Creatinine in the blood mainly comes from metabolism of muscles and meat products we eat. That is why men have higher creatinine then women because they usually have more muscle masses. When creatinine is produced, it will be released into the blood. When blood flows into the kidneys, creatinine, uric acid, urea and other wastes in the blood will be excreted outside through urination and the blood is purified.

Since the production of creatinine is almost constant, creatinine levels in the blood is mainly up to the renal excretory ability. If you have high creatinine problem, you should first adjust your diet and life habits. Reduce the intake of meats and high-protein foods, have more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more water and reduce strenuous activities. If high creatinine can not be lowered or it continues to become even higher, you need to seek medical help because it is likely due to kidney problems.

Therefore creatinine is widely used in clinic to reflect renal functions. Some doctors even use creatinine to act as an indicator for dialysis. When creatinine is higher than 8 and the creatinine clearance rate is below 5, dialysis is needed to sustain the patient’s life.

Creatinine can also be used to evaluate the curative effects. If high creatinine is lowered, it means that the treatment is effective and kidney functions are improved.

However, creatinine can not reflect early renal damages. Because kidneys have powerful compensatory functions and creatinine can be controlled within normal level with 50% kidney functions. Only when more than 50% kidney functions are lost can high creatinine appear. Therefore early and effective treatments should be sought to prevent further deterioration and preserve residual kidney functions once creatinine becomes high.

Lowering high creatinine should not be the ultimate goal because it is just a symptom. Only when the root problem is solved can high creatinine be effectively treated.

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