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A Healthy Diet Can Help Lower High Creatinine Level

A Healthy Diet Can Help Lower High Creatinine LevelCreatinine level is an important indicator that shows how our kidney is working. Most often, serum creatine level won’t be higher than the normal unless more than 50% of kidney function has lost. At this situation, a healthy diet can help lower high creatinine level and keep patients’ condition from worsening to some extent. The following is an overview of diet changes for people with high creatinine level.

Low sodium intake

As we know high blood pressure is one big risk of further kidney damage. Excessive sodium intake is able to raise people’s blood pressure and in some cases it can also aggravate patients’ swelling. Therefore, people whose creatinine level should avoid salty foods such as salty condiments, cheese, salami, bacon, cured meats, snack foods, pickled foods, hamburgers, etc.

Consume more fruits high in vitamin

Researches of Turkey reveal that vitamin especially vitamin C has a benefit of increasing the rate of kidney filtering creatinine and other wastes so as to improve patients’ kidney function. Here, we mainly recommend three fruits: kiwi fruit,cranberry and pomegranate.

Eat correct amount of foods which has a function of diuretic

If the patient whose creatinine level is elevated can still pass a reasonable amount of urine, he is recommended to consume more these foods to increase his urine and remove more wastes from the body,otherwise he should limit the intake of these foods. Celery, watermelon and some other foods do have such a function. Patients can choose to eat correct amount of these foods according to their condition.

Limit the intake of protein

People with high creatinine levels often have to change the amount of protein they consume. Many patients go on a low-protein diet to slow down the progression of kidney disease and ease their symptoms. For kidney disease patients, high-quality protein rather than high-quantity protein is recommended. Generally, one glass of milk, one egg white and 06g of lean meat one daily is able to meet their protein need.

Now, we have known a general understanding of what healthy diet can help lower high creatinine level, but some other requirements should also be added to this diet if patients’ potassium or phosphorus level is higher than normal. Therefore, before making a diet plan to lower high creatinine level, you had better first tell the doctors online your condition so that they can give you some suggestions.

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