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How to Lower High Creatinine Level with Kidney Failure

How to Lower High Creatinine Level with Kidney FailureCreatinine level plays an important part for kidney failure patients to make the decision whether dialysis is required or not, so finding an effective way to lower high creatinine level means a lot for kidney failure patients. Well then, how to lower high creatinine level with kidney failure?

Reference value of creatinine level differs from hospital to hospital and country to country, but generally it is in the range 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Creatinine is one of the wastes produced by our body and normally discharged by our kidneys. For people with kidney failure, creatinine level increases because of decreased kidney function. Therefore, repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney condition is the key point to lower high creatinine level.

For a kidney failure patient, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney intrinsic cells. For these dead kidney cells, they can not be revived according to current illness condition. However, for these injured kidney cells, they can be repaired to work again. Similar with our other cells, our kidney intrinsic cells also have self-repairing ability; however, when the damage is out of their ability, they become necrotic and lose working ability. In recent several years, different medicines have been used to repair kidney damages, but only some Chinese herbs show treatment effects in increasing the self-repairing ability of kidney intrinsic cells. As long as injured kidney cells are repaired and activated to perform function again, kidney condition gets improved. Kidneys are responsible for discharging excess creatinine and when extra creatinine is removed, high creatinine level is lowered effective.

Repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is the key point to lower creatinine level; however, to receive treatment effects, kidney failure patients also need to protect residual kidney tissues from being damaged. Chinese medicines used to lower creatinine level have function to extend blood vessels, block inflammation, prevent coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix, which can help to strengthen patient’s immune system and protect residual kidney tissues. In this way, further kidney damages will be avoided and creatinine level will not increase again.

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