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Effective Treatments for Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive Nephropathy, also known as hypertensive kidney disease, refers to the kidney disease caused by chronically perennial high blood pressure. In recently years, as the incidence of hypertension raises, hypertension has become the second leading cause of kidney failure. This is why effective treatment for Hypertensive Nephropathy is needed urgently.

The effective treatment should base on the root cause of Hypertensive Nephropathy

Blood pressure can reflect how our heart works to some extent. High blood pressure makes the heart work harder that can damage blood vessels gradually through the body. Hypertension Nephropathy occurs as a consequence of the damage to blood vessels in the kidney. If uncontrolled timely, it will develop renal failure. From this analysis, we can know high blood pressure control and repairing damaged kidney tissues is the key to stop Hypertensive Nephropathy from developing renal failure.

Effective Treatments for Hypertensive Nephropathy

Because high blood pressure is the root cause of this disease, high blood pressure control should be the center of the whole treatment. To lower high blood pressure, a healthy diet, moderate exercise and correct medicines are all essential. As for antihypertensive drugs, ACEI and ARBs are good for these patients, because they can not only reduce high blood pressure but also help treat kidney disease. In addition, some other treatments which help reverse patients’ condition are also needed. Here, we mainly recommend two treatment options.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: In the early stage, a part of kidney function is damaged but not necrotic. This therapy, overcoming the disadvantages of oral herbal medicines, is used as an external herbal remedy on the back in order to make the active ingredient of medicines reach damaged kidney cells directly. Through repairing the damaged kidney cells and lowering high blood pressure, the progression of patients’ condition can be stopped or even reversed.

Immunotherapy: It is mainly used to help patients especially the one with end-stage Hypertensive Nephropathy avoid or delay dialysis. Immunotherapy, absorbing the essence of both traditional Chinese medicine and advanced western medicine technologies, can not only purify patients’ blood, just as dialysis does, but also improve patients’ immunity and kidney function.

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