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What Should I Do for Creatinine 3.96 Derived from Hypertension

What Should I Do for Creatinine 3.96 Derived from HypertensionWhat should I do for creatinine 3.96 derived from hypertension?” For solving this problem we need to make it clear that why would creatinine level be above the normal range in hypertension patients first and then go to find out the solution. Besides, is there any cure for this situation?

Creatinine level is one of the indicators of kidney function, which reflects the operation of kidneys. In addition to, it does not rise unless the kidney is damaged more than half. And then, how is kidney function lowered?

In the case of hypertension, the high blood pressure in the blood vessels will injure the blood vessels bit by bit. Later, the vascular disease will decrease the blood flowing through kidneys. As a result, the kidney will have trouble with anemia and anoxia. Hence, the kidney can not remove the creatinine and other unwanted substances from body completely.

As for the management, the patients would better to maintain the blood pressure at about 120 / 80mmHg, eat right, insist healthy lifestyle, take correct treatments and receive other proper suggestions. Here I will show you some natural treatments to help lessen the creatinine 3.96. If you have any puzzles, welcome to contact Online Doctor.

Immunotherapy is a good option to help the patients strengthen the immunity with no significant side reactions. Acupuncture combined Moxibustion Therapy will do better to adjust the blood circulation and dispel the manifestations of renal anoxia and renal anemia. Steaming Therapy focuses on dilating blood vessels, driving out of the toxins with external application of Chinese herbal medicines and expediting channel and collaterals so as to recover the kidney function. Furthermore, Massage, Foot Bath, Oral Chinese Medicine and other traditional Chinese medicines can play a great role in treating the hypertension patients with creatinine 3.69.

When the kidney is restored, the creatinine level will be kept in a low or ordinary level, and the patients can carry on with a high quality life.

Are your creatinine level going up to high? Do you want to control the hypertension and kidney disease radically? If so, please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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