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Alternative Treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure

Alternative Treatment for Chronic Kidney FailureDialysis and kidney transplant are the most conventional medical methods for Chronic Kidney Failure. And now with the rapid development of medical technology, an alternative treatment-Immunotherapy has been created to help to deal with Chronic Kidney Failure. Well then, how is Chronic Kidney Failure treated by Immunotherapy?

Application of Immunotherapy is based on western medicines and Chinese medicines, which means Immunotherapy combines the advantageous of western and Chinese medicines. We know western medicines show obvious and quick treatment effects in remitting Chronic Kidney Failure patients. However, it is far from enough for patients to get their kidney condition improved simply by controlling symptoms.

For an individual with Chronic Kidney Failure, to get recovery, they also need to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and as long as much more kidney cells perform function, kidney function is improved. In clinic, Immunotherapy treats Chronic Kidney Failure mainly through six steps:

1. Exact diagnosis: Various tests like toxins in blood test, kidney damage test, urine protein electrophoresis, lymphocyte subsets and hematuria position diagnosis are done to help doctors learn how serious the kidney damages are. Also, this is helpful for following prescription.

2. Immune blocking: clinical studies show in more than 95% of kidney disease cases, kidney damages are caused directly by inflammation which occurs when immune complexes deposit in kidney. Since inflammation is the direct cause of kidney damages, effective blocking of inflammation will help Chronic Kidney Failure patients to avoid further kidney damages. In this step, immunosuppressive agents will be used temporarily.

3. Immune tolerance: Antigen combines with antibody and form immune complexes which cause inflammation when they deposit in kidney. Therefore, as long as these immune complexes are not removed, inflammation occurs sooner or later. This is the reason why kidney disease relapses easily. Immune complexes can not be removed over night, so we need kidneys to coexist with immune complexes for a while. And in Immunotherapy, western medicines will be adopted in this step to achieve this purpose.

4. Clearance of immune complexes: when patient’s illness condition gets stable, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will be adopted to clear immune complexes away little by little. As long as immune complexes are removed, inflammation and new kidney damages will be prevented effectively. Besides, effective ingredients in Chinese medicines can help to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and make them work again by activating them. These dead kidney cells can not be revived,but when these injured kidney cells begin to work again, kidney function gets improved.

5. Adjustment of immune system: A strong immune system helps to fight against foreign harmful substances like bacterium and viruses which are clinically called antigen. For Chronic Kidney Failure patients, immune complexes are formed easily with abnormal immune system and poor immunity. To fight against the invasion of antigen effectively, they need to strengthen their immune system and prevent the combination of antigen and antibody. When no immune complexes are formed, no inflammation and kidney damages occurs.

6. Protection of immune system: A healthy and strong immune system is the key for us to live healthily. Effective protection of immune system will help to protect residual kidney tissues from being damaged, which means a lot for Chronic Kidney Failure patients.

Lastly, as these dead kidney intrinsic cells can not be revived, Chronic Kidney Failure can not be cured. However, patient’s kidney function can be improved by repairing these injured kidney cells and protecting these residual kidney tissues. Immunotherapy is a new treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure, but it shows great hope in clinic. Besides, as the earlier the patient receive Immunotherapy, the better the treatment effects, it is of great clinic significance for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to take treatment as early as possible.

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