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Corticosteroid for Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Characterized with typical proteinuria and swelling, Nephrotic Syndrome has a higher incidence in children than in adult. Corticosteroids, prednisone and prednisolone, are used commonly to induce remission for childhood Nephrotic Syndrome. However, quite a part of children suffer from this disease repeatedly even with corticosteroid.

Corticosteroid for Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Prednisone and prednisolone are common types of corticosteroids to control Nephrotic Syndrome. Both of these two medicines play their function similarly. These medicines work on the immune system to prevent the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. Through inhibiting the reaction of immune system, Nephrotic Syndrome can be controlled to some extent, so can swelling and proteinuria.

However, since these corticosteroids have a side effect on lowering patients’ immunity, patients who use these medications may have some unwanted side-effects.

● Increased appetite: This is why some children gain weight quickly with corticosteroids.

● Abdominal pain, indigestion or feeling sick

● Nausea and vomiting: They result from gastrointestinal stimulation, which is one side effect of these medications.

● Infections: Because corticosteroids can weakening patients’ immunity, these patients are susceptible to bacterial and virus infections.

● Mood swing, menstrual disorder, electrolyte imbalance and so on

Besides, patients’ Nephrotic Syndrome relapses easily even though corticosteroids can help control patients’ condition to a large extent. This is because these medications only can inhibit the activities of immune system but can’t do anything to regulate immune system or removing pathogenic factors.

Alternative therapies to prevent the recurrence of Nephrotic Syndrome

Here, we can know it is the abnormal immune system and the deposition of immune complexes that leads Nephrotic Syndrome to relapse again and again. In view of this, the effective treatment should be the one that can normalize immune system and eliminating pathogenic factors.

Immunotherapy is just such a treatment that has an obvious effect on correcting immune system and repairing damaged kidney tissues. Until now, numerous children with Nephrotic Syndrome have got great remission from this therapy. (If your baby is suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome, you can go to Immunotherapy to learn more relative informations.)

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