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Blood Pollution

Treatment For Blood Pollution Due To Kidney Disease

Why is treating pollution blood important?

Why do we treat kidney disease by treating unhealthy blood?

Three process of treatment for blood pollution due to kidney failure

Treatment For Blood Pollution Due To Kidney Disease

Blood pollution treatment is a brand new treatment for kidney disease. Different from conventional treatments, it focuses on treating polluted blood and tries to improve kidney function by cleaning blood which can help to restore original hematopoietic and blood circulation

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Why is treating pollution blood important

You must wonder why treating pollution blood is important for kidney disease patients. To know clearly about this question, it is necessary to firstly learn about the component and functions of blood.

Component of blood:

Blood is composed of intangible elements and visible component (blood cells). There are many kinds of chemical substances in blood. Measuring by volume, the plasma accounts for about 55% and blood cells account for about 45%.

blood constituent
blood cells

The functions of blood:

1. Transfer function: Transfer nutrition and metabolin

2. Coordination function: Realized by hormones and enzymes

3. Temperature regulation

4. To maintain the stability of internal environment

5. Immune defending: immune cells and various antibodies and complements

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Why do we treat kidney disease by treating unhealthy blood?

Why do we treat kidney disease by treating polluted blood? To know well about questions, let's learn what happens when blood is polluted?

Firstly, blood flow through every part of our body, and bring oxygens and nutrition to our body tissues. As we have mentioned above, it has lots of unction. However, once blood is heavily contaminated, it will fail to perform these functions, which may lead to a series of unnecessary health tissues.

Secondly, polluted blood flow through our other organs, which may cause threat to these organs and also cause further health problems.

Thirdly, kidney is the organ that takes charge of discharging wastes, excess fluid, electrolyte in the body. Damaged kidneys can not bear heavy burden, so when polluted blood flow through kidney, extra burden will be caused, which is extremely harmful for kidneys that have been injured severely.

Fourthly, polluted blood also destroy normal blood circulation system, normal blood coagulation system, hematopoietic system, secretion and compensatory mechanism.

Polluted blood not only threat injured kidneys, but also cause damages on other internal organs and affect our other body systems. For this reason, we are running high risk for various healthy problems with unhealthy blood. With treatment for polluted blood due to kidney disease, not only injured kidneys can be protected from further deterioration, other internal organs can be protected at the same time. Successfully treatment for polluted blood helps blood coagulation system, hematopoietic system, secretion and compensatory mechanism get recovery and function protect again. Therefore, it is of great importance and clinical significance to treat unhealthy blood.

Blood Pollution
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Three process of treatment for blood pollution due to kidney failure

The first process: Remove blood stasis with combined blood purification methods

The first process of this treatment aims at clearing blood stasis in vascular wall and toxic substances that detained in the blood. Different blood purification methods like plasma exchange, immune adsorption, hemoperfustion, hemofiltration and hemodialysis can be used to achieve this goal. Also, in some cases, Chinese medicines like Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage and TaiChi can be adopted to promote blood circulation, which is also very helpful for cleaning blood.

The second process: Supply necessary elements to our blood

The key point of this process is to supply different kinds of absent elements and this is closely based on the damage of the kidney cells, clotting hematopoietic system, secretion and metabolic mechanism, as well as effective use reparative medicine. Also, this process can make sure all kinds of blood cells can exist and grow effectively and restore the normal operation of the physiological mechanism.

The third process: function rebuilding (the process of renewing)

This process aims at recovering the kidney function through the self renewal of our human body. Our cells have a certain self-repairing ability and this can help to explain why our wounds in hands can recover naturally without any medicines. Through the first two process, our blood won't be unhealthy and the various kinds of normal operating mechanism won't be damaged again, which paves a good way for the repair of the injured renal intrinsic cells.

These three processes are supportive and connected with each other, not isolated. Besides, it is a long process for patients to get a final completely recovery, so doctors and patients should be patient and prepare for the long-term treatment.

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