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Blood Purification and Kidney Failure

2014-05-03 00:48

Are there someone who are suffering from kidney failure painfully around you? Have they heard blood purification in your local country? If you have interest in blood purification to treat kidney failure, read on and find the different.

When blood purification is mentioned, people will think of hemodialysis. As a matter of fact, apart from hemodialysis, some new blood purification techniques, such as hemofiltration, plasma exchange, immune adsorption and so on, they have emerged in recent years. Blood purification is a multidisciplinary boundary science, it can treat kidney diseases, blood diseases, rheumatism, immunological diseases, nervous system diseases and so on. Let’s learn about the information about blood purification and kidney failure.


Hemodialysis is used commonly to treat kidney failure. With the functions of removing small molecules form body, lowering creatinine and urea nitrogen level, but it can not cure kidney failure completely. Once start, patients need to do dialysis regularly in hospital.

Plasma exchange

Similar with other kinds of blood purification, plasma exchange also plays an important role in treating kidney failure, in particular the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Lupus Nephritis.

Immune Adsorption

Immune adsorption is a relatively new blood purification technology. With the help of immunosorbent, it can successfully remove pathogenic factors from blood. It is developed on the basis of plasma exchange and now has been widely used to treat different illnesses.


Different from other types of blood purification, it aims at clearing up the toxins in the blood with kidney failure.


Hemofiltration works differently from hemodialysis, it can clear up the middle molecular substances away from blood compared with hemodialysis, which only can remove the small molecular substances from blood.


It combines hemodialysis and hemofiltration together perfectly. However, it is not a perfect blood purification, as it will cause great loss of protein, soluble vitamin, trace elements and so on.

The above are all the information about blood purification and kidney failure. Are you still worrying about the kidney condition of your friend or your family member now? Contact us by emailing to or leaving us a message below. We are here to help all the time.

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