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Renal Anemia: Causes and Treatments

2014-02-20 18:43

As a common symptom of kidney disease, anemia will bring patients with much inconvenience. In this article, you will find more information about its causes and treatments.

Renal Anemia: Causes and TreatmentsCauses of renal anemia:

1. As the disease progresses, the injured kidneys can not work adequately, in this case, there will be reduced EPO secretion, and that’s a major reason why anemia occurs.

2. Lack of iron and vitamin B12.

3. Reduced red blood cell life span.

4. Relatively frequent blood tests.

5. Small amount of blood loss during hemodialysis.

6. Bleeding tendency caused by anti-coagulation therapy.

7. Others, such as severe hyperparathyroidism, inflammation, infection, malnutrition and so on.

Treatments for renal anemia:

As mentioned above, the etiology of renal anemia is various. Therefore, comprehensive treatments should be taken early and effectively.

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. To eliminate renal anemia from the root cause, it’s essential to take steps to promote kidney function.

And this natural therapy can be such a therapy, which combines TCM and advanced medical technology perfectly. By improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, anti-coagulation and providing nutrients for the damaged kidneys, kidney function can be enhanced gradually. In this way, renal anemia will be alleviated or even disappear.

Besides, each herbal formula is in accordance with specific condition. If you are interested in this, please email to immediately and our experts will reply you within in 24 hours.

2. Injection of recombinant human erythropoietin. Nowadays, this method is most commonly used. Meanwhile, patients should cooperate with their doctors actively, elevate blood routine examination regularly and adjust the dose of drugs timely.

3. Supply iron and other blood-making materials including vitamin B12, folic acid, etc.

4. Correct factors that worsen anemia, for instance, hemorrhage, malnutrition, infection, severe secondary hyperparathyroidism.

5. Usage of certain medicines to enhance the efficacy of recombinant human erythropoietin.

6. If the condition is both severe and serious, blood transfusion may be adopted.

The above are mainly on the causes and treatments of renal anemia in kidney disease patients, any queries, please leave us a message below.

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