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How Is Anemia Associated with Renal Failure

2013-03-10 11:39

how is anemia associated with renal failureAnemia can occur simply as a disease, also occur as a complication of renal failure. In renal failure, anemia is closely associated with the residual kidney function. Therefore, protecting kidney function to some extent helps to avoid or alleviate anemia.

What is anemia?

Anemia is an abnormal medical condition in which red blood cell account is lower than the normal value. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the every part of our body and when there is less of red blood cells, we feel tired, dizzy and hard in breath easily. Also, we look pale and in some serious cases, we may have sweating and arrhythmia symptom.

How does renal failure cause anemia?

Kidney has secretion function and helps to secrete some hormones that needed by our body. Hemopoietin is the necessary substance of red blood cells and normally secreted by our kidneys. When kidneys are damaged and fail to secrete hemopoietin, less red blood cells are formed and also anemia is caused.

Anemia is a common complication of renal failure. Although it occurs because of damaged kidneys, in turn it deteriorate kidney condition and accelerate the progression of kidney disease. Therefore, having a tight control about anemia will help to slow down kidney disease.

How to deal with anemia caused by renal failure?

There are different methods can be used to treat anemia in renal failure like blood transfusion and recombinant human erythropoietin which has same effects as the erythropoietin produced in kidney. All these medical measures are effective in remitting renal anemia and they show quick treatment effects. However, we must be clear about that renal anemia occurs as kidneys fail to secrete erythropoietin, so only when we repair kidney damages and make kidneys be able to secrete erythropoietin again, can anemia problem be solved permanently.

Immunotherapy is a combination of Chinese medicines and western medicines. It shows obvious treatment effects in improving kidney condition, which in some ways can help to alleviate anemia. It is a natura remedy and cause no side effects. Therefore, if you are a renal failure patient with anemia, you can take a look firstly about this treatment method and we hope it can help you solve your renal anemia problem fundamentally.

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