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Low Blood Pressure in Renal Failure: Cause and Treatment

2015-01-16 15:14

Low Blood Pressure in Renal Failure: Cause and TreatmentGenerally speaking, Chronic Kidney Failure patients suffer from high blood pressure at different degree, but sometimes, patients may experience low blood pressure which can lead to arrhythmia and kidney function decline due to the insufficient blood supply. Before have a effective treatment, we had better have a clear knowledge about the cause.

The cause of low blood pressure in renal failure:

Renal failure patients who suffer from low blood pressure should take care whether there is fluid loss condition. In addition, the overuse of diuretic also can lead to low blood pressure. Loss of salinity nephropathy such as Polycystic Kidney Disease, chronic renal tubular interstitial disease also are often accompanied with low blood pressure. Patients with dialysis also suffer from low blood pressure due to too much ultrafiltration. Moreover, the long time taking medicines to lower blood pressure can lead to low blood pressure.

The treatment for low blood pressure in renal failure:

Patients should take measures to control their blood pressure according to their specific physical conditions and the causes. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the special treatment in our hospital which has magic effect on promoting blood circulation condition and reversing kidney function.

The active substances in medicine can promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots, so the blood perfustion will increase, low blood pressure condition can be solved and the kidney insufficient blood and oxygen can be remitted. In addition, the active substances in medicine can absorb and crash the toxins in blood, and the broken matters also can be metabolized with the blood circulation. When the blood flow is pure, many symptoms caused by high toxins retention also can be remitted and ultra immune responses on kidneys also can be blocked. Moreover with the nutrition in medicines, the injured renal cells also can be repaired, revering the kidney function at the most degree.

When the kidney adjusting functions are improved, low blood pressure can be cured from root. And now if you want to know more information about our treatment for renal failure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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