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Symptoms of Anemia in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-03-18 14:41

Anemia is a common complications of chronic kidney failure. It presents with a series of symptoms and what is worse, it deteriorate kidney condition and accelerates chronic kidney failure. Therefore, bringing renal anemia into control is very beneficial. However, for chronic kidney failure patients, how do they know if they have anemia?

Usually, with renal anemia, patients will suffer from the following symptoms:

1. Tiredness/Fatigue/Lack of energy

Anemia is diagnosed when there is less red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen to different part of our body. When there is lack of red blood cells, our muscles and tissues can not get enough oxygen, we become tired easily. Tiredness is a common symptom of renal anemia.

2. Weakness

Hemoglobin is a protein that is rich in iron which is a necessary component to healthy muscles. When renal anemia is caused by chronic kidney failure, there is less red blood cells in patient’s blood. Red blood cells do not produce sufficient amounts of hemoglobin and cause weakness symptom.

3. Shortness of breath

With renal anemia, chronic kidney failure patients will found they have shortness of breath which becomes especially seriously when they engage in physical exercises.

4. Changed appearance

For chronic kidney failure patients who have renal anemia, they may also suffer from changed appearance which includes a pale complexion, decreased pinkness of the lips and nail beds, smooth and red tongue, painful ulcers called cheilosis at the corners of the mouth, dry, spoon shaped nails and so on.

5. Symptoms of kidney failure

In cases of chronic kidney failure, renal anemia appears usually when serum creatinine level increases to 3.5mg/dl (308umol/L) and it occurs because of serious kidney damages. Therefore, for patients with renal anemia, they usually have all the symptoms of chronic kidney failure like itching skin, bubbles in urine, blood in urine, high blood pressure and poor appetite and so on.

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