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Bleeding nose In Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-03-21 16:53

bleeding nose in kidney failureBleeding nose may occur if you are a chronic kidney failure patient. Even though bleeding nose is a common symptom of kidney failure, many patients do not know how is it related with kidney problem. Usually, chronic kidney failure causes nose bleed problem in the following conditions:

1. High toxins in the blood affect the clotting mechanism of our body

Kidneys are responsible for discharging toxins that produced by our body. With effective clearance ability of kidney, we can live normally without being threatened by toxins. However, when kidney failure is caused, toxins will build up in the blood and when the toxins concent reaches to a certain level, our clotting mechanism will be affected, as a result of which, bleeding nose occurs.

In chronic kidney failure, creatinine level is usually adopted to reflect how much toxins in the blood. Generally speaking, the more toxins in the blood, the higher the creatinine level is and also the higher risk that patients suffer from nose bleed problem.

2. Extremely high blood pressure

Kidneys help to adjust blood pressure, however damaged kidneys fail to function properly, and this will result in the increase of blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common symptom of kidney failure and in some cases, it is hard to bring under control with common hypotensors.

In kidney failure, extremely high blood pressure will lead to the damage of nasal mucosa and this will cause bleeding nose. Therefore, having an effective control is also helpful for preventing bleeding nose.

Bleeding nose is just one of the symptoms of chronic kidney failure and aside from it, patients may also suffer from nausea, vomiting, itching skin and poor appetite symptoms. To get these symptoms remitted or prevented radically, the best method is to repair injured renal intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. As long as kidney condition is improved, kidney failure symptoms like bleeding nose are alleviated from the root.

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