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Low Blood Count in Kidney Failure

2013-03-24 15:30

Low Blood Count in Kidney FailureRed blood cell count is one of common blood test for people with kidney failure. Most of these patients may find their blood count is lower than the normal level. Therefore, getting an overall understanding of low blood count in kidney failure is quite important for patients’ health.

The normal value of red blood count

Normally, there is a balance between the damage of red cells and production of red cells, so healthy people’s red cell count ranges stable but age and gender can affect this normal valure. Generally, the normal blood count is (3.5-5.0)*1012/L for female adult, (4.0-5.5)*1012/L for male adult,(6.0~7.0)*1012/L for newbron, (5.2-7.0)*1012/L for infant, and (4.2-5.5)*1012/L for children. If kidney failure patients’ blood count is lower than the above value, some symptoms may occur to warn these patients of healthy problem.

The symptoms of low blood count in kidney failure

● Fatigue: Patients whose red blood count is low may easily feel tiredness.

● Shortness of breath

● Rapid heartbeat

● Dizziness

● Pale skin and gums

● Confusion

How to manage low blood count in kidney failure?

Normally, the healthy kidney is responsible to make EPO to tell the body enough blood cells. However, when large part or nearly all of kidney function has lost, the body can’t produce enough blood cells so patients easily suffer from anemia. The following treatments can help deal with low blood count in kidney failure. Since iron and EPO are the important minerals of red blood cells, the effective treatment should on one hand supply iron and on the other hand give patients some drugs called erythropoiesis-stimulating agents.

Low blood count occours as a consequence of damaged kidney. Even though the above methods can help remit patients’ condition, they can’t do anything to the damaged kidney. Therefore, how to repair impaired kidney function should also be sought.

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