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Low Blood Pressure with Kidney Failure: What Should I Do

2015-09-20 16:47

Low Blood Pressure with Kidney Failure: What Should I DoAlmost all of patients with kidney disease are living with low blood pressure. Low blood pressure makes patients feel like dizziness, headache and fatigue. Therefore, patients need to find a treatment to deal with low blood pressure with kidney failure.

Treating low blood pressure should focus on its underlying causes, otherwise, it will relapse again and again.

The main contributor for low blood pressure is low erythropoietin production. Normal condition, the kidneys are responsible to produce erythropoietin which is used to produce red blood cells. This is used to produce red blood cells which deliver sufficient blood and oxygen to important organs, such as heart and kidney. When kidney function is decreased, it can not produce sufficient erythropoietin, as a result, heart and kidney an not get sufficient blood and oxygen and they can not fulfill their normal function. Low blood pressure happens with insufficient blood and oxygen in the heart and kidneys.

Another contributor for low blood pressure with kidney failure is long term of consuming anti high blood pressure medications. Therefore, patients should have changes on the medications that they take everyday.

From the above mentioned for dealing with low blood pressure, patients should focus on improving erythropoietin production. Trying to repair the body tissues and inherent cells in the kidney is the most fundamental way to improve erythropoietin production. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a method that aims at repairing diseased inherent cells and body tissues. Developing Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has certainly put us on the right track towards to progression of kidney disease treatment. This therapy is to treat kidney disease by promoting blood circulation and extending blood vessels. Since this treatment is a natural treatment, which avoids dialysis and kidney transplant, to a large degree. With the improvement of kidney function, low blood pressure can be relived naturally.

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