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Learn About Renal Anemia in Kidney Failure

2012-12-09 15:57

Anemia caused by kidney problem in clinic is called Renal Anemia, and it usually occurs when kidney failure develops to advanced stage. As renal anemia and kidney failure always go hand in hand, it is necessary for kidney failure patients to master some basic information regarding renal anemia and kidney failure.

1. How does kidney failure cause renal anemia?

Renal anemia is just one of the complications of kidney failure and diagnosed when one has an unusually low count of red blood cells. Mostly, kidney failure causes renal anemia in the following several ways:

a. Restrict kidney from secreting enough erythropoietin, a protien that can helps to create red blood cells.

b. Because of kidney failure, toxins build up in the blood and they can shorten the life span of red blood cells by affecting their metabolism.

c. Kidney failure patients usually have a strict diet about some fruits and vegetables, which may cause iron and vitamin B12 insufficiency. Deficiencies in iron and vitamin B12 can lead to renal anemia directly.

d. With advanced stage kidney failure, patients experience bleeding condition easily like bleeding gums, gastrointestinal bleeding and so on. Serious and long-term bleeding condition also can contribute to renal anemia.

2. What symptoms we may have with renal anemia?

Red blood cells are responsible fore carrying oxygens to every tissues, so once renal anemia occurs, kidney failure patients will suffer from the following several symptoms:

·pale face

·lack of energy to do anything


·dizziness and headache

·fast heart beat

3. Will anemia affect kidney failure?

Although renal anemia occurs because of kidney failure, in turn it affect the prognosis and progression of kidney failure. In general, people with uncontrolled renal anemia have a poor prognosis compared with these who get renal anemia treated well. Besides, kidney works as a filter and helps to filter our blood. During this process, renal tissues can get enough nutrition and oxygen and once renal anemia occurs, renal tissue become weak easily because of shortage of nutrition and oxygen. Therefore, a timely diagnosis and treatment is of significant meaning for kidney failure patients.

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