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Kidney Failure and Taking Iron Pills for Anemia

2013-04-14 14:37

kidney failure and iron pills for anemiaSome kidney failure patients may need to take iron pills because of serious anemia. The following is the introduction about how kidney failure cause anemia and how is anemia treated by iron pill. Hope it is helpful for you.

How does kidney failure cause anemia?

Anemia is diagnosed when red blood cell count in blood is lower than the reference value and it always bring patients many discomforts like shortness of breath, pale complexion, frequent tiredness, dizziness and rapid heart beat and so on. In our daily life, many conditions and diseases can cause anemia like improper diet and iron deficiency. Also, kidney failure is one of the causes.

Kidneys can secret a hormone named EPO (erythropoietin) which can contribute to the generation of red blood cells. However, when kidney function is affected seriously, generation of EPO decreases, as a result of which, generation of red blood cell decreases. Also, because of serious kidney damages, patients may fail to ingest enough iron, which also can lead to anemia.

How is anemia treated by iron pills?

Iron pill is a common medical treatment for anemia caused by kidney failure, pregnancy, heavy menstrual periods and chemotherapy. With iron pills, condition of iron deficiency can be remitted effectively, and this is very helpful for kidney failure patients to remit anemia. However, in severe cases of kidney failure, anemia can not be cured radically simply by taking iron pills.

We know many diseases can cause anemia and kidney failure is just one of the causes. For kidney failure patients with anemia, they need to improve kidney function aside from getting enough iron. In many cases of kidney failure, anemia occurs because of less production of EPO and under such a condition, if we do not improve kidney function to produce enough EPO, anemia can not be cured at all. Just as we have mentioned above, many conditions can cause anemia and with different illness condition, we need to take different medical measures. Only when the root causes are removed, can the problem be solved fundamentally.

Anything unclear about kidney failure and taking iron pills for anemia, please feel free to consult us or leave message to us. We will try our best to help you find the proper solution.

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