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How Is Anemia Caused by Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-04-18 15:12

As one of the dominant complications of Chronic Kidney Failure, anemia not only brings them lots of discomforts like shortness of breath, lack of energy and palpitation, but also affect their illness condition directly. Anemia occurs easily when Chronic Kidney Failure progresses to advanced stage. Almost all the kidney disease patients know they are running a high risk for anemia, but few of them know how anemia is caused by Chronic Kidney Failure.

Chronic Kidney Failure is a long illness course with progressive loss of kidney function. For an individual with Chronic Kidney Failure, many factors can contribute to the occurrence of anemia:

1. Insufficiency of EPO (Erythropoietin)

EPO is an essential glycoprotein hormone which plays an extremely important role for the generation of red blood cells. It is secreted by our kidneys; however, for Chronic Kidney Failure patients, damaged kidneys fail to work properly, leading to insufficiency of EPO and red blood cells. Anemia occurs when red blood cell count decreases to a certain level.

2. Short life span of red blood cells

Kidneys are responsible for discharging toxins in blood. With Chronic Kidney Failure, large amounts of toxins pile up in blood and shorten life span of red blood cells. Red blood cells become dead and lose their working ability quality, which also can induce anemia.

3. Iron -deficiency anemia

With Chronic Kidney Failure, patients need to follow strict dietary principles. They may need to avoid most of the vegetables and fruits because of high levels of phosphorus and potassium and this makes them suffer from iron-deficiency easily. Iron-deficiency is one of the major causes of anemia.

4. Malnutrition

High protein intake increase kidney burden, which can worsen kidney condition and accelerate Chronic Kidney Failure, so almost all the kidney disease patients need to limit protein intake. Protein is the main raw material for blood and when protein content in blood is decreased greatly, anemia occurs.

5. Bleeding

Chronic Kidney Failure patients will experience serious bleeding conditions like gun bleeding and epistaxis when illness condition runs to a certain stage. This also contributes to the occurrence of anemia.

Chronic Kidney Failure causes anemia under the combined action of several factors, so if Chronic Kidney Failure patients want to prevent anemia effectively, they need to take comprehensive preventive measures.

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