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Sallow Complexion In Renal Failure

2013-05-09 11:01

Some renal failure patients may experience sallow complexion which make them looks unhealthy and tired. Here, we will explain how sallow complexion is caused by renal failure and how to remit this symptom.

Causes of sallow complexion in renal failure

In renal failure, sallow complexion occurs mainly due to renal anemia which is diagnosed when red blood cell account is lower than the normal range. EPO (Erythropoietin) plays an important role for the generation of red blood cell and is generally secreted by kidneys. For people with renal failure, kidney tissues are damaged seriously, leading to the low production of red blood cells. Blood is red due to hemoglobin which is held in the red blood cells, and when renal anemia is caused, sallow complexion will occurs. In addition, aside from sallow complexion, renal failure patients with renal anemia may also experience fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and leg cramp and so on.

Management of sallow complexion in renal failure

The followings are the several tips for renal failure patients with sallow complexion caused by renal anemia:

1. Diet: Make changes about your diet, as an improper diet may worsen renal anemia and sallow complexion. Generally, low-salt diet and low-protein diet is necessary. And also try to ingest some high quality protein which can be found in lean meat, egg white, fish and milk.

2. Take iron pills if necessary. Iron deficiency is another cause of anemia and for renal failure patients with low ferrum level in blood, iron pills will be necessary and this can help them remit sallow complexion effectively.

3. Blood transfusion: in serious cases of renal anemia, blood transfusion can be applied to deal with the illness condition.

4. Treat renal failure as a whole: Since severe kidney damage is the major cause of renal anemia, treating kidneys to improve kidney function will be the fundamental solution. So far only micro-Chinese medicine has been proven to be effective in repairing injured kidney cells and improving kidney condition.

Anything unclear about sallow complexion in renal failure, please feel free to leave us message or consult our consultant online.

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