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How to Increase Low Hemoglobin Level in Kidney Failure

2013-07-27 11:31

How to Increase Low Hemoglobin Level in Kidney FailureHow to increase low hemoglobin level in kidney failure? Low hemoglobin, a common occurrence in chronic kidney failure, can be a sign of anemia. If left alone, it may cause dizziness, fatigue, faint or more severe complications. This is why so many patients want to find out the effective treatment urgently.

Hemoglobin and kidney

Hemoglobin is one special protein in blood responsible for carrying oxygen to various organs and tissues all over the body. Generally, the normal blood circulation can guarantee hemoglobin level to range among 120-160 g/l for male, 110-150g/l for female and 110-160g/l for children. However, when patients’ kidney disease progresses to kidney failure, a vicious circle will occur between kidney and blood circulation.

When kidneys are damaged severely, they can’t secrete enough EPO, thus producing less red blood cells and hemoglobin. Then, without enough hemoglobin, less oxygen is transported to cells in different organs as well as kidneys, so kidney condition worsens. This forms a vicious circle.

How to increase hemoglobin level in kidney failure?

From the above analysis, we can know kidney damage and abnormal blood circulation are the root cause of hemoglobin. Therefore, the effective treatment should start from these two aspect. Next, we will introduce a brand new treatment, called blood pollution therapy.

Blood pollution therapy is created in 2013 after many years’ research. Different from the conservative kidney treatments, it is aimed to normalize blood circulation before treating kidney failure.

On one hand, with the help of various blood purification methods such as plasma exchange and immune adsorption, waste products, both in the blood vessels and adhering to vascular walls, can be removed from the body thoroughly. At the same time, essential elements that the blood needs are added. Therefore, patients’ blood circulation can be normalized fundamentally.

On the other hand, some herbal medicines, which have an effect on increasing the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells, are used. With normal blood circulation and enhanced self-curative ability, more and more damaged but not necrotic kidney cells can recover to work, so kidneys can play its role well, let alone increasing hemoglobin level.

If low hemoglobin level or anemia due to kidney failure is one your headache, remember that as long as your kidney function is improved, all of these symptoms can be eased spontaneously. Of course, a scientific diet is also very important. Consult the online doctor, so he can guide you to take correct treatment and develop a healthy diet plan in detail.

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