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Symptoms and Treatment for Anemia In Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-07-28 16:46

Symptoms and Treatment for Anemia In Chronic Kidney FailureOne of kidney functions is to secret various hormones. But when renal function is impaired, hormone secretions are decreased. One hormone called erythropoietin (EPO) which can help bone marrow to produce red blood cells will also be decreased. When the quantities of red blood cell are lower than normal level, anemia is caused and it is very common in patients with chronic kidney failure.

How to know whether you are suffering from anemia? Here are some common symptoms of anemia caused by chronic kidney failure:

* feel weak or fatigued or less of energy

* have poor concentration

* hard breath and shortness of breath

* have a headache

* can not sleep well

* memory loss

* palpitations, angina or heart failure if anemia is severe

If you have these symptoms, what should you do?

First, you have to note your diet. A reasonable diet can keep you healthy, on the contrary, a bad dietary habit can worsen your disease. So it’s necessary for you to have a reasonable diet. If you are suffer from anemia, you need to eat some foods to add your body blood, like carrots, day lily flowers and spinach. Besides, red dates, donkey-hide gelatin, black rice and black beans are quite helpful for you to enrich the blood. However, you need to limit eating these foods such as garlic, walnuts, almonds and leek.

Second, you can receive a treatment in hospital. Different treatment methods have been adopted to treat anemia caused by chronic kidney failure. Here are some common medical measures:

1. Drug therapy: you can take some medicines like cobalt chloride, rHuEpo and testosterone supplements

2. Blood transfusion: This method is usually used by some patients with hemoglobin lower than 70g/L, heart failure and angina.

3. Dialysis: it is helpful to relieve renal anemia by reducing toxins in the blood.

4. Chinese medicines: Some Chinese medicine shows effects in improving kidney function. We know chronic kidney failure patients experience anemia due to impaired kidney function, so as long as kidney function gets improved, anemia is remitted naturally.

Different people have different symptoms, so your treatment for kidney anemia may be different from others. If you want to treat anemia effectively, you need to go to authority hospital to check your kidney and receive the treatment that is suitable and right for you.

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