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Hematuria is a Common Symptom of Kidney Disease

2012-12-08 09:29

Under normal circumstances, there is very small amount of blood in urine and it is called hematuria in clinic if there more than 3 red blood cells/high-power field.

Hematuria can be classified into 2 major categories---gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. In the former case, blood can be seen with naked eyes and the color of urine can be reddish, dark brown while in the later the blood can only be found with the help of microscope. Gross hematuria is more common in urological surgical diseases such as kidney stone and tumors and microscopic hematuria is mostly caused by glomerular diseases. Usually gross hematuria will turn into microscopic one after receiving some medicines and treatments and patients will wrongly think that their illness is recovered. As a result, they will miss crucial period for effective treatments and their illness condition is often delayed. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that microscopic hematuria has been eliminated after the urine color returns to normal.

The causes of blood in urine is rather complicated and it depends on what is the underlying and primary disease that cause failed kidney functions. It can be caused by damages in the glomerular filtration membrane and the red blood cells and other large-molecular substances like proteins can pass through the membrane and be released into urine. Or it can be caused by rupture of renal blood vessels due to high blood pressure, oppression from renal cysts or obstruction from kidney stone, to just mention a few conditions. Therefore we can see that it is very necessary to first have clear and accurate diagnosis so that the treatments can be more effective and targeted.

Since blood in urine is a relatively serious illness condition, patients should stop work and avoid strenuous activities and have adequate bed rest. Besides, doctor might prescribe some hemostatic drugs and vitamin C.

Here are some beneficial foods for kidney disease patients with hematuria: celery, lotus root, wax gourd, balsam pear, watermelon, apple, pear, etc.

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