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What Should I Do with Hematuria in Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-05-05 00:11

Hematuria(blood urine), as one of the common symptoms of kidney disease, has affected many patients’ life quality. They live with fear and worry, now let’s talk about what should I do with hematuria in Chronic Kidney Failure?

Hematuria(blood in urine) facts

※Blood in urine can sometimes be visible only with a microscope.

※Evaluating blood in urine requires consideration of the entire urinary tract.

※Tests used for the diagnosis of blood in urine include a CT scan, cystoscopy, and urine cytology.

※Management of blood in the urine depends upon the underlying cause.

Cause of hematuria in chronic kidney failure

We all know that kidney is one of our important organs in our body. It can has many functions that can help human body work and live normally. One of its functions is to retain the valuable substances in the body and remove the toxins out. However, when kidney has been damaged, its functions will decrease day by day. The valuable and harmful substances will reverse their condition. So some valuable substances will get out of body, leak into urine, red blood cells included. If you have found that your urine showing red color, that is red blood cells.

What should I do with hematuria in chronic kidney failure

1. For hematuria caused by kidney stone, the best method is to deal with stone in kidney. As for the treatment for kidney stone, Chinese medicine is highly recommended. Chinese medicine has history more than 5000 years and it has been proven to be able to dissolve kidney stone easily in clinic. Only when kidney stone is passed or treated effectively, can hematuria be relieved or prevented from the root.

2. For hematuria caused by kidney damage, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is strongly recommended. It is different form oral herbs, but an external therapy. It can repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function form root. So, red blood cells will be kept in the body gradually. Your symptom of hematuria will be relieved naturally. Have an interest? Email to, we are here to help all the time.

There are some other causes of hematuria in chronic kidney failure, if you have found that symptom and have no idea about it, leave us a message below, we will reply to you within two business days. Good luck!

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