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What Are The Symptoms Of Uremia Stage

2018-07-18 10:03

Ammoniacal Odour,Dialysis PatientsThe clinical manifestations of kidney diseases are mainly hematuria, urinary protein, blood pressure and renal function.

1. Hematuria: see urine sediment microscopic examination, hematuria can reflect the activity of kidney disease. But at present, it is considered that hematuria is not the main index affecting the prognosis of kidney disease.

2. Albuminuria: mainly depends on urine routine and 24 hours urine protein (or urine protein creatinine ratio). In general, the more urine routine proteinuria is, the more urine protein is, but because of the influence of drinking water and sweating on urine routine. According to 24 hours urinary protein quantitation, proteinuria was divided into several grades less than 1g, 1-3.5g and 3.5g.

Proteinuria is the most important clinical evaluation index for the prognosis of kidney disease. The better the response to proteinuria, the better the prognosis of nephropathy. If the proteinuria of patients with kidney disease stays longer than 1g, the renal function will decline faster. If the proteinuria is longer than 3.5g, the renal function will decline faster.

3. Renal Function: according to the glomerular filtration rate, the renal function can be divided into 5 stages. Glomerular filtration rate 60 is a threshold, greater than 60 indicates that renal function is still in a relatively good state, and less than 60 indicates renal insufficiency.

4. Blood Pressure: blood pressure is also the main clinical evaluation index for the prognosis of kidney disease. The longer the blood pressure can be controlled, the better the prognosis of nephropathy.

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