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Causes of Renal Bone Disease in Kidney Failure Patients

2014-02-15 18:46

Kidney Failure Patients may be plagued by a number of symptoms, such as, renal bone disease. Well, what are the causes?

Causes of Renal Bone Disease in Kidney Failure Patients1. Lack of active vitamin D

In this advanced stage, the diseased kidneys fail to produce enough active vitamin D, which is an important substance to adjust calcium-phosphorus metabolism of bones. When there is low active vitamin D level, loss of calcium in the bones may occur. Eventually, resulting in osteomalacia.

2. Elevated parathyroid hormone

Heathy kidneys can help maintain the balance of water-electrolytes and acid-base. As mentioned above, when there is high-phosphorus level and low-calcium level, the secretion of parathyroid hormone will be increased. (PTH refers to a hormone that help control the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus) When there is increased PTH level, disorders including osteitis fibrosa, low turnover bone disease, etc are more likely to come into being.

3. Acidosis

Acidosis can lead to loss of calcium in bones or osteoporosis, which can worsen renal bone disease. For those undergo hemodialysis, irregular dialysis can also lead to aluminum poisoning and the growth of bones.

After the above introductions, we belive you have formed a basic understanding about the possible causes. If you are presenting renal bone disease or similar cases, do remember to find out the underlying causes. Any queries? Our Free Help will always be here for you.

To treat renal bone disease in kidney failure patients effectively, the treatment should focus on restoring kidney function. However, until now, there is no such a western medicine that can achieve this target.

Fortunately, experienced nephrologists at our center has brought good news to those sufferers. And Hot Compress Therapy is just such a good choice. It is convenient, comfortable and free of side effects. More importantly, it can help eliminate the toxic pathological factors, restore the original qi and enhance renal function radically. In this way, renal bone disease can be managed well in kidney failure patients. If you are interested in this, please email to and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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