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Do You Know Why You Suffer from Bone Disease in Kidney Failure

2014-03-18 20:28

Do You Know Why You Suffer from Bone Disease in Kidney FailureMany people in Chronic Kidney Failure suffer from bone disease. Actually, it starts before kidney failure and worsens with the loss of kidney function. Because of bone disease, you may feel bone and joint pain, broken bones, infection and skin problems. To know the causes is conducive to deal with it.

Kidneys are responsible for keeping bones healthy. When kidneys are failed, many works cannot go smoothly. The followings are the causes of bone disease in kidney failure due to kidney problems.

Inadequate active vitamin D.

Failed kidneys cannot make enough active vitamin D, which is used to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, two important minerals that related to bone health. Inadequate active vitamin D will make calcium loss from bone, leading to weak bone.

Metabolism disorder.

In kidney failure, the balance of calcium and phosphorus will be disrupted, featuring as high phosphorus and low calcium. As a result, the secretion of parathyroid hormone will be increased, leading to bone diseases, such as osteitis fibrosa.


Many patients in kidney failure will be attacked by acidosis, which will make your body pull calcium from your bone, leading to bone rarefaction.

These are the main causes of bone disease in kidney failure.

Bone disease affect the life quality badly. There are somethings you can do to relieve it.

-Do some changes on your diet. Limit the phosphorus intake. Consult your doctor for how much phosphorus you can take everyday. Replenish calcium intake can help relieve this symptoms.

-Do regular exercise. It will be better for you to do regular exercise to build up your body.

-Take correct treatment. Here advanced blood purification technologies are suggested, such as hemofiltration, blood perfusion, immune adsorption, etc. They are more effective than dialysis and cause little side-effects. If you are tired of dialysis, take these methods, good results will come to you.

Any questions about the causes of bone disease in kidney failure and the treatments. Send an email to or leave a message below, I will give you more specific explanation!

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