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Is There Connection Between Kidney Disease and Bone Disease

2014-06-16 10:50

Some people suffering from kidney disease may experience bone disease, so they are anxious to know whether there is connection between kidney disease and bone disease. In order to satisfy the patients’ needs, here, we will give you a reasonable answer. Next, please see the following, if you have any doubts, we hope you can chat with our online doctors to find the answer.

What is the connection between kidney disease and bone disease?

Kidney is one of our organs in our body and plays a very important role in maintaining our health. It not only generates urine, but also keeps many organs health, including bone. So, the patients with kidney disease usually suffer from bone disease. Now, you must have a question that how the kidney disease cause bone disease. Next, you can find the answer from the following.

How does the kidney disease cause bone disease?

1. Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is activated in our liver and kidneys, and is responsible for the absorption of calcium. But, if the kidney can not work well, vitamin D deficiency maybe caused. Thus, the blood calcium also will decrease. And calcium is an essential part of bones, so, kidney damage can indirectly lead to bone disease.

2. Phosphorus and calcium disorder

Kidney is responsible for adjusting phosphorus and calcium in our body and keeping them balance. While, when the kidneys fail to work, the excess phosphorous can not be removed from blood and will build up in blood, which can cause the loss of calcium and cause bone disease.

Now, we know the reason that kidney disease cause bone disease, it is so important for the patients to treat bone disease. Because bone disease can make you suffer from a great pain, including joint pain, infections, skin problems and broken bones, Which can affect your life seriously and aggravate your kidney disease even cause the more severe illness.

With the development of medical technology, we have innovated many natural treatments for kidney disease, including Hot Compress Therapy, Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath and so on. If you have interest, you can send an email to to know more. If you want to know more knowledge about kidney disease and bone disease, you are welcome to leave a message below. Best wishes!

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