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Fracture Neck of Femur in Chronic Renal Failure

2013-03-31 15:25

Fracture Neck of Femur in Chronic Renal FailureFracture neck of femur is one of most common injuries in the bone. Once the person suffers from this injury, he has to take months to rehabilitate and is confined to his bed. For people with chronic renal failure, the morbidity of fracture neck of femur is increased. Today, we mainly help these patients why the incidence of fracture neck of femur in chronic renal failure raises.

In our body, calcium, parathyroid (PTH), vitamin D and phosphorus determines bone health and provide mineral and bone disorder management. For healthy people, their kidneys are responsible to keep these minerals in the body in balance so as to maintain healthy bone, which is essential to make human skeleton support body weight and protects the brain and other organs.

However, for people with chronic renal failure, part or nearly all of their kidney function has lost, so the kidney can’t keep the balance of minerals any more. Over time, the imbalance of minerals in the body can lead to bones becoming brittle and breaking easily, and then the mobility of fracture neck of femur in chronic renal failure increases largely.

To avoid this bone disorder, regular examination, healthy diet and treatment to improve patients’ kidney function are all needed. Regular examination such as blood test and urine test can help patients find the abnormal mineral in the body timely. According to the result of tests, they should adjust their diet, because correct treatment is an important part in the whole treatment, while a mistaken diet will worsen patients’ condition or even cause irreversible damage. At last, to try to improve the kidney function is most important. Only if patients’ kidney function is improved, the minerals in the body can stay stable and the mobility of fracture neck of femur in chronic renal failure can be reduced.

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