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Mineral Bone Disorder In Kidney Failure

2013-05-20 14:03

Mineral bone disorder occurs easily when kidneys fail to maintain calcium level in the normal range 2.25-2.75mmol/L. It is a common complain among kidney failure patients affects almost all the dialysis patients.

How is mineral bone disorder caused by kidney failure?

Mineral bone disease is closely related with calcium level. Calcium plays an important part for strong bones, and when the level of it in blood is lower than the reference value, we will suffer from various bone problems.

Serum calcium is inversely proportional to phosphorus level, which means the higher the phosphorus level in blood, the lower the calcium level. Kidney is the organ that can help to discharge excess phosphorus, so when kidney function is affected, high phosphorus occurs, leading to low calcium level. Low-term low calcium level in blood will cause various bone problems. This is the reason why Chronic Kidney Failure patients always complain bone pain, bone fracture and even osteoporosis.

How to manage mineral bone disorder in kidney failure?

To get mineral bone disorder into control, correcting mineral disorder is very essential. The followings are the several tips for kidney failure patients with mineral bone disorder. Hope they or some of them are helpful for you:

1. Reducing dietary intake of phosphorus is one of the important step in preventing bone disease. And this need kidney failure patients to avoid foods high in phosphorus like bran, pumpkin, squash, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, toasted wheat germ, cheese, sesame seeds, nuts, roasted soybeans, broccoli, chicken, turkey, bacon and so on.

2. Replenish calcium by eating calcium-rich foods like blackberries, blackcurrants, date fruit, grapefruit, elderberries, raw apricots, figs, currants, mango nectar, raisins and prunes and so on.

3. If the case is serious enough, medicines like phosphate binder, vitamin D receptor agonists, calcimimetics and bisphosphonates can be applied.

4. Bring all the symptoms under control and this will help kidney failure patients to prevent the worsening of their illness condition.

5. Try some Chinese medicines like micro-Chinese medicine which can help to improve kidney function and remit minder bone disorder.

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