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Bone Complications of Renal Failure

2013-08-19 17:28

Bone Complications of Renal FailureRenal Failure is the most severe kidney condition and is said to be able to affect almost every part of our body. For renal failure patients, the most common symptoms include digestive complications, nerve problems, respiratory problems and bone complications and so on. Today, we will mainly introduce how renal failure cause bone complication and what can patients do to deal with this problem.

What are the symptoms of bone complications in renal failure?

Before learning about the cause and management of bone complications of renal failure, it is necessary for us to know clearly what bone problems renal failure patients may experience.

For renal failure patients, they may feel pain in the bones, especially in the back, hips, legs, and knees. Their affected bone become increasingly at risk of fracture, and also they develop osteoporosis more easily compared with healthy people.

How renal failure cause bone complication?

One of the functions of kidney is to make bones strong by regulating calcium level in the blood. For renal failure patients, their kidney function is impaired seriously, which can lead to the increase of phosphorus level in the blood. Persistent high phosphorus level affect body from reabsorbing enough calcium. Under such a condition, hypocalcemia occurs easily and patients run a higher risk for various bone complications.

What to do to deal with bone complications in renal failure?

For renal failure patients, to solve bone problem effectively, they generally need to:

1. Control phosphorus intake by avoiding high phosphorus foods.

2. Ingest much more calcium through foods, and calcium supplement can be taken if they fail to get enough calcium in daily diet.

3. Tight control of all the symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria and anemia and so on. Although these symptoms occur due to kidney problem, in turn, they worsen kidney condition and accelerate illness condition. Therefore, a tight control of them is necessary.

4. Treat damaged kidney actively and effectively. For renal failure patients, bone complications occur as impaired kidney can not discharge excess phosphorus level which can lead to the decrease of calcium in blood. Therefore, restoring kidney function is very essential for a good management of renal bone complications.

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