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Bone Problems

Kidney failure can cause complications in the bone such as renal osteopathia, osteomalacia, adynamic bone disease and osteoporosis.

Joint pain in kidney failure: Cause and Treatment

Some kidney failure patients suffer from joint pain which influence the normal activities of patients a lot, and the sever pains urges patients to know the cause and treatment....Read More

Is Achy Legs Related with Chronic Kidney Disease

With the kidney function decline, Chronic Kidney Disease patients often suffer many symptoms and many of them complain about the achy legs which really influence normal activities of patients. Then is achy legs related with Chronic Kidney D...Read More

Why Teeth Falling Out Happens to Kidney Failure Patients

As we all know, with the reduction of kidney function in kidney failure, patients will suffer from various symptoms and complications. However, some patients are complaining about teeth falling out. Well, is there a relationship between tee...Read More

Treatment for Joint Pain in Kidney Failure

Joint pain undoubtedly increases kidney failure patients sufferings and discounts the quality of life. If you are facing with the same problem, learn about the treatment for joint pain in kidney failure, and we do believe it can be helpful....Read More

Cause and Treatment for Osteoporosis in Stage 5 Kidney Failure

When it comes to osteoporosis, many middle-aged and elderly people should be familiar with it. While, kidney experts said that osteoporosis not only happens in the middle-aged and elderly people, but also is one of the complications of Chro...Read More

Is There Connection Between Kidney Disease and Bone Disease

Some people suffering from kidney disease may experience bone disease, so they are anxious to know whether there is connection between kidney disease and bone disease. In order to satisfy the patients needs, here, we will give you a reasona...Read More

Do You Know Why You Suffer from Bone Disease in Kidney Failure

Many people in Chronic Kidney Failure suffer from bone disease. Actually, it starts before kidney failure and worsens with the loss of kidney function. Because of bone disease, you may feel bone and joint pain, broken bones, infection and s...Read More

Causes of Renal Bone Disease in Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney Failure Patients may be plagued by a number of symptoms, such as, renal bone disease. Well, what are the causes? 1. Lack of active vitamin D In this advanced stage, the diseased kidneys fail to produce enough active vitamin D, which...Read More

Bone Complications of Renal Failure

Renal Failure is the most severe kidney condition and is said to be able to affect almost every part of our body. For renal failure patients, the most common symptoms include digestive complications, nerve problems, respiratory problems and...Read More

Mineral Bone Disorder In Kidney Failure

Mineral bone disorder occurs easily when kidneys fail to maintain calcium level in the normal range 2.25-2.75mmol/L. It is a common complain among kidney failure patients affects almost all the dialysis patients. How is mineral bone disorde...Read More