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High Blood Pressure Caused by Renal Failure

2013-01-07 16:07

high blood pressureHigh blood pressure and renal failure are a pair of pathological phenomenon. They often co-exist and will interact and worsen each other. Elevated high blood pressure is one common symptom of renal failure and there are mainly two aspects of reasons why renal failure will cause blood pressure to increase.

One reason is increased secretion of renin. In case of renal parenchymal or vascular impairments, there will be sharp increase of renin. This will cause small artery spasm and increased artery resistance, thus causing blood pressure to increase. That is why the incidence, duration and severity of high blood pressure are closely related with degree of renal damages and pathological changes. For example, blood pressure can return to normal in case of acute nephritis while high blood pressure is not easy to be lowered in case of chronic nephritis.

The other reason is reduced secretion of anti-hypertension substances such as prostaglandin.

High blood pressure is one independent factor for worsening renal functions and it is one of the major cause of cardio-cerebrovascular complications. 24-h persistent and effective controlling of high blood pressure plays vital role in protecting the kidneys, slowing down or even reversing renal failure progression.

The ideal blood pressure for renal failure patients:

Before dialysis(GFR>10ml/min): blood pressure should be below 130/80mmHg

On dialysis: blood pressure should be lower than 140/90mmHg

Proteinuria>1g/24h: blood pressure should be below 125/75mmHg

Proteinuria<1g/24h: blood pressure should be below 130/80mmHg

ACEI and ARB drugs have good effects on lowering blood pressure. They can also help alleviate proteinuria high filtration state in the kidneys.

Besides, a new therapy called Micro-Chinese medicine has good effects on controlling high blood pressure and treating renal failure. Active ingredients in Micro-Chinese medicines can expand renal arteries, improve micro-circulation, promote blood flow so as to alleviate ischemia and hypoxia and promote metabolism in the kidneys. It can also promote secretion of erythropoietin so as to alleviate renal anemia and provide necessary nutritions for repairing renal parenchymal and vascular damages and prevent further deterioration of renal functions. After the application of Micro-Chinese medicines, certain renal functions can be recovered and it can enable kidneys to have the most basic physiological functions and improve their life quality and prolong life span.

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