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Congestive Heart Failure and Renal Function

2013-10-14 13:37

As is well known that kidney is the foundation of human growth, development and reproduction. Once kidney is damaged seriously, which may cause many complications like congestive heart failure that threatens people’s life greatly. What is more, when renal function fails to work properly, patients are more likely to have a sudden death caused by congestive heart failure which is a main reason of death in patients with decreased renal function. Therefore, the following introduces some symptoms before congestive heart failure appears due to renal insufficiency.

1. When patients with abnormal renal function are working overly, they may have chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms, at this moment, you should be alarm to the occurrence of the congestive heart failure.

2. The urine output will reduce and the weight of congestive heart failure patients will increase significantly.

3. Patients with congestive heart failure caused by abnormal renal function cannot flat to sleep completely, otherwise they will feel weak in the chest. Now you also should be alert to the occurrence of congestive heart failure.

Since decreased renal function can cause congestive heart failure when you don’t treat it in the early time, so what you need to do to prevent the factors which are likely to cause congestive heart failure easily. In your daily life, you are recommended to maintain a regular life, avoid burnout and pay close attention to the diet. Above all, it is more important to treat congestive heart failure as soon as possible. Away for a rain day and make effects to prevent renal disease ahead of time, only in this way, can you exempt or mitigate the troubles brought from congestive heart failure earlier.

Finally, if you want to know more about congestive heart failure and renal function, please contact us immediately. You can also chat with our online doctors when a box pops up in the lower right corner of your screen, we are glad to help you.

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