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How to Reduce Heart Attack in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-02-24 14:44

Chronic kidney failure and heart attackHeart attack is the leading cause of death among chronic kidney failure patients. Chronic kidney failure is a common disease that can be caused by Hypertension, Diabetes and other medical conditions. It is life-threatening because of its serious complications like heart attack. Well then, how to reduce heart risk with chronic kidney failure?

Firstly, get some exercises: Regular physical exercises will help you maintain an ideal body weight, normal blood pressure and cholesterol and so on. All these can help to reduce your risk of developing heart attack.

Secondly, control your blood sugar well if you are a diabetic: check your blood sugar level often and make sure it is controlled in the normal range.

Thirdly, adjusting your diet on the basis of your test report: high calcium and phosphorus level can stiffen and narrow the blood vessels, which also make us at high risk of experiencing heart attack. Therefore, adjust calcium intake and phosphorus intake according to your illness condition. Additional, please remember to get more fiber by eating plenty of vegetables and whole grains.

Fourthly, chronic kidney failure patients are prone to anemia which can increase your risk of suffering from heart attack. Therefore, please remember to prevent anemia in advance. Besides, if you have developed anemia, remember to bring it under control.

Fifthly, get far away from bad living habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up. All these bad habits can increase your heart burden. Therefore, to protect your heart from being damaged, leaving far away from these bad habits means a lot.

Sixthly, talk to your doctor directly if there is any discomfort. Usually, it is our neglect to some ailments that makes us suffer more.

If there is anything unclear about heart attack and chronic kidney failure, please leave us message or consult our on-line consultant directly.

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