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High Blood Pressure And Stage 5 Kidney Disease

2013-06-06 11:09

High Blood Pressure And Stage 5 Kidney DiseaseHigh blood pressure has complicated connection with stage 5 kidney disease, as they can interact with each other. Read on to know how they affect each other.

Persistent high blood pressure cause kidney damages directly

High blood pressure is the second leading cause of stage 5 kidney disease. In daily life, elevated blood pressure is always not treated seriously, as temporary increase of blood pressure cause no deadly influence on our life. Most of the time, hypotensive drugs are applied to deal with it. And also in some cases, patients just it alone. Temporary high blood pressure cause no serious influence on our life, but if not controlled well, it will keep being high and then cause a series of health problems.

High blood pressure causes stage 5 kidney disease by damaging renal blood vessels. Normally, blood flow into kidney through a number of blood vessels. Persistent high impact on vascular wall damage renal blood vessels, and make them unable in functioning properly. Symptoms of kidney problem caused by Hypertension include frequent urination at night, bubbly urine and fatigue and so on. For people who have lived high blood pressure over years, they should be alert about their kidney and go to doctor for examination quickly if they notice they have some or all of these symptoms.

High blood pressure can be a symptom of stage 5 kidney disease

In many cases of stage 5 kidney disease, patients go to hospital for tests due to sudden increase of blood pressure. And through a series of medical tests, they are diagnosed with kidney problem. Stage 5 kidney disease can cause high blood pressure, as kidney is the organ that is responsible for adjusting blood pressure. When kidney function is affected, blood pressure elevates. Although in many cases, high blood pressure occurs as a symptom of stage 5 kidney disease, in turn it can affect kidney condition and accelerate illness progression if left alone. Therefore, it is of great importance for stage 5 kidney disease patients to bring their blood pressure into normal range. And this will help to prevent serious complications like heart problem to some extent.

For stage 5 kidney disease patients with high blood pressure, aside from antihypertensive drugs, they also can take some natural remedies like herbal tea to handle with their blood pressure problem. And this will help to bring their blood pressure into normal range easily.

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