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Others cause Kidney Failure (Renal Failure)

Knowledge on other causes of kidney failure, such as Hypertension, Nephritis, etc, how those conditions cause kidney failure and ways to prevent, etc.

Can Lupus Nephritis with Creatinine 289 Reverse Back

Lupus Nephritis is a kind of kidney inflammation caused by SLE (systemic lupus erythrmatosis). Patients must take timely and effective therapy to prevent it from Kidney Failure. While, can Lupus Nephritis with Creatinine 289 reverse back?...Read More

Will Patients with Creatinine 640 with Lupus Nephritis Recommend Dialysis

Nowadays, lupus nephritis is becoming more and more popular among kidney disease patients and dialysis would be recommended for them to alleviate some clinical symptoms. Due to various reasons, more and more people are unwilling to take dia...Read More

How Can Lupus Nephritis with Kidney Failure Avoid Dialysis

In clinic, dialysis would be suggested for patients experiencing kidney failure. However, dialysis is not effective and perfect as other people think. Patients with dialysis also experience other adverse effects. As a result, patients are e...Read More

What are the Suggestions for Lupus Nephritis with High Creatinine level

Lupus nephritis occurs when lupus involves in kidney. It is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system begins to attack different areas of your body. When the kidney is damaged by lupus, patients appear at high risk to suffer from hi...Read More

Can Patients with Lupus Nephritis and Creatinine 5.9 Avoid Dialysis

In most cases, when patients suffer from a certain creatinine level and some symptoms they can not bear, dialysis would be recommended for patients, but a lot of patients refuse to do it. While, can patients with lupus nephritis and creatin...Read More

What is the Best Treatment for Kidney Failure Induced by Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis causes patients to suffer from kidney failure easily. Patients are bound to go through many poisoning symptoms complications, besides, their life would be threatened seriously. Therefore, they are eager to know what is the b...Read More

How to Treat Edema in Hypertensive Nephropathy

How to Treat Edema in Hypertensive Nephropathy Edema is excess fluid retention in the body cavity clearance can be divided into 2 types: local edema and generalized edema, both of which will greatly affect the patients life.Thus that today...Read More

What are the Treatments for Lupus Nephritis with Creatinine 300

Nowadays, more and more people are living with kidney disease driven by unhealthy living style, genetic disorder and immune disorder, lupus nephritis is one of them. While, what are the treatments for lupus nephritis with creatinine 300 ? N...Read More

The Available Treatment for Stage 5 Lupus Nephritis

Stage 5 lupus nephritis refers to that illness condition is already progressed into advanced stage of renal disease. Therefore, patients need to take effective treatments and measures to prevent further damage. Therefore, patients are wonde...Read More

What is the Treatment for Hypertensive Nephropathy with Creatinine 303.3

Hypertensive nephropathy is one of the biggest reasons to lead to kidney failure. Creatinine 303.3 refers to that patients illness condition is already progressed into stage 3 kidney failure. Patients are wondering that what is the treatmen...Read More