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Lupus Nephritis Symptoms in The Philippines

2013-09-01 13:49

In the following content, we will talk about the lupus nephritis symptoms in the Philippines. Through our statistics, we find that most lupus nephritis patients we help come from the Philippines. If you are suffering from lupus nephritis, now follow us to learn more.

Although SLE occurs in every age group and gender, the target population is women between the ages of 15 and 45. It is estimated that in the Philippines 80-92% of the lupus population is female. The prevalence trends also seem to exhibit variability based on geographic location. For example, China and the Philippines show a greater incidence than Japan. The incidence is nearly ten times greater in the American Sioux tribes compared to other American Indian Tribes. Then what are the lupus nephritis symptoms in the Philippines?

As a matter of fact, the lupus nephritis symptoms in the Philippines is almost same as those in other countries. The first noticeable symptom is swelling of the legs, ankles and feet. Less often, there can be swelling in the face or hands. Other lupus nephritis symptoms can vary from person to person and from day to day. They may include: high blood pressure, weight gain, dark urine, the need to urinate during the night, foamy urine, etc.

Certain lupus medication can also affect the kidneys and cause swelling and other symptoms similar to those lupus nephritis symptoms. Problems related to these drugs usually go away when the drugs are no longer used.

Though lupus nephritis symptoms can be relived by some immunosuppressive drugs to a certain degree, about half of lupus nephritis patients still may develop kidney failure. You can get more treatment options from Lupus Nephritis Treatment in The Philippines and China. Any follow-up questions? You can directly consult online expert freely or leave a message below, we are here to help.

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