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Something about Lupus Nephritis Diet Plan You Should Know

2013-09-04 09:53

Lupus Nephritis DietHow much do you know about lupus nephritis diet? Generally speaking, lupus nephritis and other kidney disease patients will be asked to keep a healthy renal diet, which slows down the progression of condition and protect renal function to a certain degree.

Lupus nephritis is a common complication of lupus which is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes damage to organs, joints or skin. Symptoms vary for each person, from mild to life threatening. There is no specific lupus nephritis diet to improve lupus, but speak to your doctor and dietitian about special nutritional needs to manage medical conditions related to lupus.

There is no need for you to avoid any one food, nor is there a single lupus nephritis diet recommended for sufferers. Registered dietitian recommends following a diet that has plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains and lean meat or poultry.

Anemia is a common sign of lupus nephritis. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, to increase iron in the diet. The best source of iron is ‘heme’ iron because it is absorbed better than plant-based foods. Heme iron is found in fish, meat and poultry. Calcium and foods with tannins such as tea reduce absorption of iron. Eat or drink these foods or beverages in-between meals.

However, lupus nephritis patients have to avoid poorly-cooked or raw food because it contains bacteria that cause problems. Bacteria from food may cause vomiting and diarrhoea but on rare occasions, a generalised infection that can be dangerous may result.

We will not list all the information about lupus nephritis diet here. You can get a personalized medial advises about lupus nephritis diet if you consult online expert freely or leave a message below.

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