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Can Hypertensive Kidney Disease with Protein 2+ Eat Eggs

2013-11-01 16:54

Can Hypertensive Kidney Disease with Protein 2+ Eat Eggs, Hypertensive Kidney Disease with Protein 2+Egg is an essential delicacy to everybody in our daily life. But for patients with hypertensive kidney disease, due to the strict requirements for food, a lot of health and nutritious food are rejected. Since it is so, can hypertensive kidney disease with protein 2 + eat eggs?

Expert points that eggs are considered a nutritious food which contains protein, fat, yolk element, lecithin, vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals the human body needs. It is widely taken by people for its rich nutrition, especially by patients with a rare disease. Eggs make the body recover faster.

In general, hypertensive kidney disease patients must adhere to the principle of low and high-quality protein, low salt, low fat, and low sugar. But a low protein diet completely can't satisfy the patients' nutrition and the body requirement. So, it is necessary to intake certain mount of high quality protein. And high protein food includes meat, eggs and milk. Meat with less fat is preferred. Meat of four-legged animals such as pork, beef and so on have higher level in fat than meat of two-legged animals such as chicken and ducks. Legless animals such as fish have the lowest fat content. So protein of fish is the best.

Therefore, hypertensive kidney disease with protein 2 + can eat eggs. And it is better to take egg whites.

Diet is only a small part of the care for hypertensive kidney disease patients. Seeking a suitable therapy is the most important thing. TCM treatments are recommended by many experts now. You can send your basic condition to for a specific therapy.

If you still have any questions, please contact the free online service, the expert will give detailed answer to you.

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