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How to Manage Fatigue with Lupus Nephritis

2014-01-08 23:34

Manage Fatigue with Lupus Nephritis, fatigue, lupus nephritisLupus Nephritis, a common autoimmune disease, has already become a common cause of kidney failure. With the development of condition, more and more symptoms or complications may appear. Are you suffering from fatigue? If yes, follow us to learn about how to manage fatigue with Lupus Nephritis?

Firstly, let’s see why fatigue happens to Lupus Nephritis patients?

Healthy kidneys make a hormone called erythropoietin, or EPO, that tells your body to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells. As the kidneys fail, they make less EPO. With fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen, your muscles and brain tired very quickly. We call this anemia which is the most common cause of anemia in Lupus Nephritis and other kidney diseases.

How to manage fatigue with Lupus Nephritis?

From the information mentioned above, we know that to treat anemia becomes an efficient way to relieve fatigue. Drugs called erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs) will be used to help your body make red blood cells. Moreover, extra iron will be needed, especially when you are receiving ESAs. Without enough iron, your ESA treatment will not work as well.

What is the best way to relieve fatigue for Lupus Nephritis patients?

To make kidneys produce EPO again is the best way to treat anemia and relieve fatigue, which is easy for us to understand. Then it asks us to save the kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. There are many Different Lupus Nephritis Treatment Options used in the clinic. If you are not satisfied with your current treatment, you can leave us a message to get information about other treatments sent by our experts within 48 hours.

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