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Will Parapelvic Cyst Cause Blood in Urine

2014-05-08 14:59

Will Parapelvic Cyst Cause Blood in UrineParapelvic cyst is simple kidney cyst, which is characterized by cysts in kidney pelvic or renal sinus. It has many complications, so, will parapelvic cyst cause blood in urine? In this article, we will give you the answer.

Blood in urine is one of the symptoms of parapelvic cyst. Usually, due to the cysts will develop both in numbers and sizes, so the enlarged cysts may rupture easily. Once cysts rupture, the fluid in cysts will outflow, thereby there will present red cells in urine, which is called hematuria, the blood in urine usually lasts for one week or so. In addition, smooth muscle cramps can also lead to blood in urine.

The other signs of parapelvic cyst include high blood pressure, back pain or side pain, urinary tract infection, or even kidney failure. If you or your loved experience one or more symptoms, send your test report to us, we will analyze your condition carefully to help you.

When patients begin to present blood in urine or above complications, it means the condition has been very serious and the kidneys are injured seriously. At the moment, patients need to seek for doctors immediately.

How to treat blood in urine of parapelvic cyst?

Surgery is the traditional treatment for hematuria. It can remove the bigger cysts effectively, however, once the bigger are cut off, the smaller will grow big quickly. Besides, the surgery can cause infections and relapses, and bring great pain to patients.

However, patients should not lose the confidence of beating blood in urine, because Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be able to shrink the cysts and prevent the complications of parapelvic cyst. Above all, the method is natural external therapy, it combines traditional Chinese herbal medicines and modern medical technology. Besides, the way is painless and comfortable, during the course, patients can listen to the music or sleep.

If you are suffering from blood in urine of parapelvic cyst and interested in the therapy, please contact our online doctors or send an email to, we believe you will find new hope.

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