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Six Diet Tips for the Patients with Lupus Nephritis

2014-06-08 15:03

Now, more and more people are suffering from lupus nephritis that is an immune disease caused by SLE. And the patients may have a series of symptoms and complications, such as proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure and so on. In order to slow down the progress of this disease, the patients need to pay attention to many things on their diet. So, we conclude six diet tips for the patients with lupus nephritis, please read further to know about it.

1. the foods that the patients cannot eat

The patients had better not eat the sensitive foods, such as fig, milk vetch, oilseed rape, celery and so on.

2. high quality protein diet

The patients with lupus nephritis should eat more food that rich in high quality protein, because there are much protein running off from urine, which may cause hypoproteinemia. While, high quality protein diet can supply the patients’ need. And milk, white egg, lean meat and fish are suitable for the patients.

3. low-fat diet

Because the patients exercise less, and the digestive function is poor, the patients should eat the food that is light and easy to be digested, and avoid the food rich in fat.

4. low-sugar diet

The patients take long-term corticosteroids, which can cause steroid diabetes. So, the patients need to limit the sugar intake.

5. low salt diet

Because the damaged kidney can not work normally, eating much diet can increase the burden of the kidney and cause edema. Thus, keeping low dalt diet is good to the patients.

6. eating more calcium

In order to prevent osteoporosis caused by glucocorticoid, the patients need to eat more calcium meet the patients’ need, such as fruits and vegetables.

Now, six diet tips for the patients with lupus nephritis have been given, we hope you can keep a healthy diet following them. Any questions, please leave a message below. Except diet, treatments also is necessary to treat lupus nephropathy. And both Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are regarded as the best treatments for kidney disease, including lupus nephropathy. If you want to know about them in detail, you are welcome to send your interest to And we hope you can live a normal life with our help.

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