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How to Do with Leg Cramps in ESRD Patients on Dialysis

2014-10-01 15:09

leg cramps in ESRDLeg cramps in ESRD patients who are on dialysis treatment may have serious consequences. Leg cramps can be painful and this may impact quality of life. If you have the same experience, then how to do with leg cramps?

What cause leg cramps for dialysis patients?

Muscle cramps occur frequently in patients receiving dialysis. Muscle cramps can involve the legs, most commonly in the feet, but can also involve arms and hands.

Numerous factors contribute to leg cramps and other muscle cramps in ESRD patients on dialysis and include volume contraction, hypotension, hyponatremia, tissue hypoxia, changes in plasma osmolality, hypomagnesemia, deficiency of carnitine and elevated serum leptin.

How to do with leg cramps in ESRD patients on dialysis?

Medications are commonly used to help deal with leg cramps and other muscle cramps in the clinical. But here we will not talk about this.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, various Chinese medicine therapies are used to treat kidney diseases. Firstly, oral Chinese medicine, Maikang Composition, foot bath and hot compress therapy will be used to help promote blood circulation and expand blood vessels, thus relieving leg cramps and making the whole body feel warm.

Well, the active materials of Chinese herbs will play more important roles to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. For example, they can provide vitamins and organic acid that promote kidneys to be repaired, more than 10 kinds of micronutrients used to synthesize proteins and enhance immunity, and promote the DNA synthesis to repair the damaged kidneys.

So Chinese medicine therapies treat every symptoms by the way of making kidneys work normally again. As long as the GFR levels can be increased, kidney function can be improved, dialysis times will be reduced gradually, also we have the successful cases that patients finally stop taking dialysis treatment, and we hope you can be one of them.

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