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Antiviral Treatment For Renal Failure Caused By Hepatitis-C Virus

2013-03-05 14:43

Hepatitis-C is one major cause of kidney disease. About 50% HCV patients have damaged kidney functions and 25% patients have the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and others can have proteinuria or decline of kidney functions. There are about 10% HCV-related kidney disease will progress into end stage renal failure and requires dialysis to sustain the patient’s life.

Antiviral treatment is necessary for kidney disease patients with hepatitis-c virus. Antiviral treatment can bring the virus well under control and prevent further renal damages. This is usually the first step for effective treatment, just as the anti-infection and anti-inflammation drugs for kidney infections.

When hepatitis-c virus attacks the body, immune complex will be formed. These immune complex will circulate in the body with blood and when they deposit in the kidneys, the tiny blood vessels will be damaged and cause leaking of red blood cells, proteins in urine. Some patients can also have high blood pressure, joint pain, purpura, peripheral neuropathy, etc.

Not all HCV patients will develop renal failure, if the virus can be controlled and treated timely and thoroughly, further renal damages can be prevented. In the early stage of kidney disease, renal damages can be reversed and renal functions can be recovered.

If the virus is not treated timely or properly, it can lead to chronic kidney failure. For patients on this stage, only antiviral treatment may not enough because it can not repair damaged renal tissues or recover kidney functions.

Since the cause of kidney damages is immune complex and inflammatory reactions, it is necessary to remove these immune complex. Immunotherapy is very effective at eliminating immune complex in the kidneys. What is more, it can help repair renal damages caused by immune complex. It can also promote blood circulation so as to provide enough blood, oxygen and other nutritions to the renal tissues. This can promote the repairing of damaged renal tissues and regeneration of new renal functioning cells to replace necrotic and dead renal tissues so as to gradually recover certain renal structure and renal functions.

In a word, in the early stage of hepatitis-c related kidney disease, antiviral treatment is necessary for controlling virus and protecting kidney functions. When illness has progressed into end stage renal failure, antiviral treatment should be combined with more effective and advanced immunotherapy to help repair renal damages and improve kidney functions.

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