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Will Hypertension Lead to End Stage Renal Disease

2015-03-29 16:26

Will Hypertension Lead to End Stage Renal DiseaseHypertension is characterized with increasing arterial pressure, in fact, hypertension has close relation with kidney disease. Patients with persistent high blood pressure suffer from kidney damage easily. So patients are wondering will hypertension lead to End Stage Renal Disease ?

There is no obvious symptoms in the early stage of Hypertension. The early symptom may include frequent urination at night, little amount of proteinuria. The study has shown that there are 15% of patients with Hypertension will progress into end stage renal disease. There are two types of Hypertensive Nephropathy, including benign renal arteriolar sclerosis and malignant arteriolar nephrosclerosis. Benign renal arteriolar sclerosis is a condition in which persistent high blood pressure (more than 5-10 years)leads to the changes of renal arteriolar. This leads to hypoxia and ischemia in the kidneys and excretion of toxic cytokines, resulting in kidney damage and fibrosis of the kidney tissues. The incidence of Hypertensive Nephropathy has close relation with the length of high blood pressure. The other factors may include smoking, drinking, hyperlipemia. Patients are at high risk to suffer from high blood pressure when kidney damage occurs. And the elevated blood pressure will aggravate kidney damage. In order to avoid further damage to the kidneys, patients have to try their best to keep blood pressure in normal range.

The natural treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital have been considered as the most effective treatment in the world. The natural treatments here regulate blood pressure by improving their normal function. Micr0-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best alternative treatment to prolong the life expectancy. This is a external therapy. The active substances can enter into kidney lesions directly due to the external effects, so as to achieve the function of promoting blood circulation, extending blood vessels, dredging extracellular matrix, reliving inflammation and coagulation in the blood vessels, repairing the diseased cells in the kidneys, regulating blood pressure thoroughly.

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