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Can Chemo Cause Kidney Failure

2013-03-19 09:56

chemo kidney failureChemo stands for chemotherapy which uses chemically synthetic drugs to treat cancers and some auto-immune diseases. However it is well known that chemo can cause a lot of side effects and harms to the body including damages to the kidneys, heart, liver, lung, nerves, etc.

Chemotherapy can cause kidney damages or even kidney failure. The intake of a variety of chemo drugs such as cisplatin, cyclophosphamide, streptozocin has the potential to cause or worsen kidney damages.

The kidneys are vital organ for processing wastes and toxins in the body. It can help filter and purify the bloodstream by removing excessive water, electrolytes, metabolic wastes and toxins. The breakdown products of chemo drugs need to be excreted from the kidneys. If patients take large dose of these drugs for long time, the blood vessels, intrinsic cells, tissues and structure of the kidneys will be damaged.

If the patients have already have kidney problems or are at high risk of developing kidney disease, they are more susceptible to suffer from kidney damages from chemotherapy. Because their kidneys have already been damaged and the intake of the these chemo drugs, radiation can further increase the burdens to the kidneys and make illness conditions even worse.

If you already have kidney problems, you need to tell your doctors before receiving any chemo treatments and try to avoid those that have strong renal toxicity.

If kidney failure is caused by chemotherapy, it is very important to have early treatment because renal damages can be reversed and renal functions can be recovered when drugs and treatments are stopped or substituted by other natural treatments.

Whether you have kidney problems or not, it is important to have regular blood tests to check your kidney functions if you are taking chemo drugs or treatments. This can help patients have early detection of kidney damages before it becomes too advanced to be reversed.

It has been proved that Chinese medicines can reduce the side effects and complications of chemo drugs and treatments. Chinese medicines can intensify kidney functions and improve renal filtration ability so as to remove more wastes and toxins from the body.

Long term intake of chemo can damage immune system and lower the patient’s immunity. Chinese medicines can also help regulate immune disorders and improve immune functions.

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